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Screw yeww gueeyzz, I'm goewing home schweeel!  Keri takes the time to do a bit of role-playing with some of our favorite characters from Southpark, as Obsidian rolls out it's long-awaited game. Have a gander at the snip: Yes, the gameplay is turn-based, and the South Park characters make fun of that quite often...
Matt Stone, co-creator of South Park, spoke out a bit about the censorship of South Park: The Stick of Truth in the European and Australian versions of the game. "It does feel like a double standard, a little bit," Stone told The Guardian...
Check out the two new videos from Obsidian's South Park game: Ginger Kid Nazi Zombie Trailer The Return of Mr. and Mrs. Hankey Trailer South Park: Stick of Truth has gone gold yesterday, and will be available at reatailers early in March for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.
Obsidian's South Park: Stick of Truth has suffered from numerous delays. It was originally delayed after its publisher, THQ, went belly-up in 2013, and then it has been delayed a few times more under current publisher Ubisoft. Those days are officially over, and the South Park RPG will release on March 4, 2014 in North America, March 6 in Australia, and March 7 in Europe...
So here's some good news for PC gamers who prefer Steam over any other gaming service; Obsidian has confirmed that South Park: Stick of Truth will be on Steam and NOT Ubisoft's uPlay service. @MacDragon Yep, it's a Steam game, with Steam achievements, etc. — Obsidian (@Obsidian) February 5, 2014 None of Ubisoft's strict DRM rules with this title at least. South Park: Stick of Truth is currently set for a March 4th release in the US, March 7th in Europe.
When Obsidian and Ubisoft posted their trailer announcing a December release date, Cartman joked in the announcement that it may get delayed again as that's how these games go. And yep, it has been delayed once more to March 4, 2014. "Within three weeks after acquiring the game...
Step forward now, people, and fulfill your deaee-d-d-deee... VIDEO: 797785.mp4
Ever since THQ started its downward decline, South Park: Stick of Truth has continually been delayed. It finally has an official release date of December 10th in North American and December 13th in Europe. It will release on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 at this time...
In a statement to, Ubisoft still asserts that South Park: The Stick of Truth is still on track to release in 2013. Ubisoft has not mentioned the game ever since it acquired the IP in THQ's bankruptcy auction earlier this year, yet if the game is still on track, that means it will release on August 23rd as planned. As much as I want this game yesterday, I can't help be doubtful.
​The latest business surrounding THQ's bankruptcy has triggered the purchase of several video game franchises and development studios. According to a letter sent by THQ to Kotaku, here's what happened: Yesterday morning, we received a competing bid for the operating business, along with Clearlake's offer, and numerous offers for separate assets...
An epic quest to become... cool:
THQ financial troubles continue, as the company seems to be running out of money, as noted in THQ's fiscal 2013 Q2 results. "Clearly, THQ faces a number of opportunities and challenges," THQ's Brian Farrell said in a recent financial report...
New screenshots from South Park: The Stick of Truth have arrived: click to view full gallery click to view full gallery South Park: The Stick of Truth is expected to hit stores during March 2013 for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 platforms.
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