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In case you missed the announcement on Friday (I know I did because I was too busy playing Tom Clancy's The Division), Star Citizen is hosting another Free Fly event, which gives free access to anyone and everyone to Alpha 2.1.2 for this week. It launched on Friday, January 29th and will run until this Friday, February 5th...
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Yep, actress Gillian Anderson is one of the Hollywood elite that has joined the voice cast for Chris Roberts' upcoming crowdfunded space shooter, Star Citizen. Check out the video below, where Gillian (of X-Files fame) talks more about her involvement with the project: Mark Hamill also spoke recently about his work on the game.
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The Star Citizen Alpha has a new patch out that brings in new ships, weapons, a few balance changes, and a few bug fixes. The new ships include the Aegis Vanguard Warden and the MISC Freelander. The Vanguard is a hard-to-destroy tank that will still make it back to base even if it's lost half of it...
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Star Citizen has now raised $100 million, further sealing its record as the most crowdfunded project in history. The game crossed this mark after Cloud Imperium Games released Alpha 2.0, which added in new locations to explore, random encounters, light speed travel, and new spaceships among other features...
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I am totally rooting for this game, I honestly and really am. But I don't want a space shooter with an FPS mode. Granted, that sounds like a really cool feature (there are rumors that they are going to put that in Elite: Dangerous). So, again, it's okay to have all that stuff...
Squadron 42 is a single-player campaign (they call it a module for some reason) for the upcoming crowdfunded space shooter Star Citizen. Check out the trailer below: VIDEO: 1582967.mp4 You probably heard by now that the game has a pretty impressive line-up of actors that have given their voice talents to the in-game dialogue. Mark Hamill stars as Lt. Commander Steve 'Old Man' Colton. You can check out a 14-minute chat he had recently with the folks at PC Gamer:
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Despite the recent backlash Star Citizen has faced, there is one Citizen who has happily spent $30,000 on the game thus far, and he has no plans of stopping. Chris, a/k/a Ozy311, told PC Gamer that he owns everything Star Citizen has available, including a few duplicates...
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Star Citizen has so far accumulated around $90 million via crowdfunding and continues to get more money from backers. Despite the recent controversy, Star Citizen is still alive and well, with project lead Chris Roberts recently taking center stage at CitizenCon 2015 and showing off in-game cut-scenes and gameplay...
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Despite the controversy surrounding Star Citizen, the game has had a surge of funds from their crowdfunding efforts in the last few months. According to their website’s own fundraising tracker, since June, they have raised an additional $5 million, raising their total to $90 million...
Cloud Imperium Games, along with CEO Chris Roberts, have been under fire lately following a series of complaints from former employees, most of which were made public thanks to an in-depth article posted by The Escapist. People who used to work on the project talked about 'a hostile...
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Star Citizen hasn't been getting good press lately, one might say. The newest scoop brings insider information. Yep, people who used to work on the game have basically talked about a hostile work environment, in addition to revealing that the company ate through the budget; well, $82 million to be exact (out of the 90 million garnered via the official web site and Kickstarter)...
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Last week, indie developer and Star Citizen backer Derek Smart wrote a personal blog post calling into question the state of Star Citizen. He examined what Star Citizen was originally pitched as when it first was presented on Kickstarter and what it has become due to scope creep...
Okay, somebody's been doing some digging and apparently, Alex Mayberry's LinkedI profile has listed Cloud Imperium Games as former employer, which fueled the speculation that he's no longer the executive producer on the company's long-in-the-making space shooter, Star Citizen...
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Cloud Imperium Games has announced their latest ship for Star Citizen, and it happens to be the biggest and most expensive ship as well. It's called the Genesis Starliner, which the developer has described in the ship catalogue as a "next-generation passenger ship" built with the "highest quality parts," allowing players to travel through space "as it was meant to be...
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I didn't think it was possible, but people continue to throw money at Star Citizen, raising over $76 million for the crowdfunded space sim. It raised over $1 million during the last two weeks and now has 850,000 backers of the project. If the project continues to collect $1 million every two weeks...

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