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Strictly among space shooter devs, ya know. Chris Roberts who is currently working on a space shooter called Star Citizen, has congratulated the devs from Frontier, who have recently launched their own space shooter, Elite: Dangerous (from the maker of the classic, Elite)...
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This thing just seems to be going on and on. It's so ridiculous I can't even begin to wrap my mind around it. Star Citizen, which has been a crowd-funded project since the very beginning, has recently shattered the $60 million mark. Now, the folks at Roberts Space Industries have confirmed that the upcoming space shooter has accumulated $65 million...
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As usual, the budget for the crowdfunding space shooter, Star Citizen, seems to be spinning out of control and so far most of us here at ActionTrip (well, all three of us) agree that this project maybe running away from itself... running away out of its own...
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Star Citizen has now successfully raised over $59 million in crowdsourced funding. I can't believe I'm going to say this, but when will enough be enough? At this rate, with all of the stretch goals that will come with this total, will the game ever be able to be finished? The...
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The budget for the crowdfunding game Star Citizen appears to be constantly on the rise, with the game reaching a whopping $58 million, as confirmed by Robert Space Industries. The game seems to be shaping up nicely, since the buggy first demonstration at PAX some time ago...
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There's a new post from Robert Space Industries, saying that the upcoming crowdfunded space shooter Star Citizen now boasts a budget of over $55 million. Chris Roberts said: "Today, we’re in the Guinness Book of World Records, and not as the largest crowdfunded game of all time, but as the largest crowdfunded anything of all time!" Read the full post here.
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Not that it's much of a surprise, but Chris Roberts and his crew -- the makers of the upcoming space shooter Star Citizen -- now have an impressive budget of $53 million. Star Citizen was initially brought to Kickstarter as a project and was met with tremendous support from...
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Star Citizen has hit the records for crowdsourced funding for a game and then decided to topple it with style. Thanks to selling some expensive digital ships, the game has raised over $51 million. These ships are part of the Constellation lineup, which range from $150 to $350 apiece. The most expensive ship is the Constellation Phoenix, which is also a limited edition ship. Only 5,000 will be sold. For $50 million plus, this game better blow everyone's minds. [Source]
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Chris Roberts and his project Star Citizen has managed to become a crowd-funding sensation, seeing as the game has now shattered the $50 million mark - all from donations. That's impressive by any standards, man. Regardless of the embarrassingly shitty demo on PAX, these guys have managed to grab what now appears to be a record budget for a crowd-funding only game...
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In November last year I actually thought that Chris Roberts and his team was ridiculously lucky for having reached a $33 milestone for their crowd-funded game, Star Citizen. Now, it appears that the project already overshot the $48 million mark, steadily going towards 50 million...
Still slightly bewildered by the whole thing, I'm afraid.  AT COMIC: Riches For A Space Saga
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Admit it, this just seems ridiculous. I mean, I'm all for crowdfunding, but this shit seems like it's not real. Could these donations all be from real people or do these guys have an impossible amount of friends, relatives and spouses?  Recently we were under the impression that Chris Roberts' team...
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The Star Citizen: Official Anvil Aerospace Hornet commercial is definitely worth a peek: VIDEO: 816067.mp4 Video game legend Chris Roberts and his project reached $22 million last week, with recent reports indicating that the public-funded space shooter surpassed the $23 million mark.
The makers of 'Star Citizen' -- Roberts Space Industries -- are reaching for the stars, in what's been an incredible financial climb. Currently the project boasts an impressive $22 million and has been shown massive support from backers. The development has set itself new stretch goals, targeting $23 million this time, for a Facial Capture System and a Public Transportation System...
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Roberts Space Industries have recently celebrated $19 million, which have been gathered for their ongoing project Star Citizen. The game is, as you should know, based on the once hugely popular Wing Commander series. The developers explained that they wanted to obtain $20 million from backers in order to incorporate FPS combat on planet surfaces as a feature in the game...
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