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Star Wars nothing but Star Wars. For those of you who are still playing Star Wars Battlefront, here are the latest goods on offer. It's the long-awaited DLC that was announced back in April this year. You can grab the DLC starting on June 21.  
Many people (who aren't Vader) enjoyed Star Wars Battlefront from last year, but most bemoaned the lack of a single-player campaign. As much fun as I had with Battlefront at E3 last year, this bullet point was a stickler for me not to pick it up in the end...
Back in January, it was revealed that Star Wars Battlefront sold over 13 million units. So, what's next? Well, we know that the game will be getting a second expansion in June. But wait, there's more. According to a financial call that took place yesterday, publisher EA confirmed that its going to release the sequel to the shooter, Star Wars Battlefront...
Steam is holding a Star Wars sale today, and the PlayStation Store is running one of their own for games, themes, music, and movies. Many of these games are up to 75% off, including the following: Disney Infinity 3.0 Star Wars Battlefront Various Star Wars pinball tables Star...
The second expansion pack for Star Wars Battlefront will release this June, taking players all over that lovely city in the clouds on Bespin. Bespin will include four new maps for the games' "most popular modes," so I hope players know exactly what those are, as EA was not so forthcoming in their blog post...
On March 22, 2016, the Outer Rim DLC for Star Wars Battlefront will release for all players. The DLC includes new missions with Hutt Contracts, a Spectator Mode, an increased level cap, as well as new weapons. Those who own the Season Pass will receive exclusive content...
In a new trailer for upcoming paid DLC for Star Wars Battlefront, something called Hutt Contracts was teased. Naturally, we know nothing else about it other than it's called Hutt Contracts and the trailer shows Jabba the Hutt (or perhaps a different Hutt) holding a hologram of weapons...
EA sends the word that they've added more content to their mutliplayer shooter, Star Wars Battlefront. This particular update for the game includes a brand new single-player/coop mission, as well as a new multiplayer map. Here's the official word: Additional Content/Functionality New Mission: Rebel Depot on Tatooine added as a new Survival Mission...
So, some people feel Star Wars Battlefront might need a story mode. Now there's a reasonable suggestion - certainly one that's been out there since the game released back in November 2015. Check out what actor John Boyega tweeted: @EAStarWars Will fans get a full on offline story mode? It's more of an enjoyable way to learn controls...
Well, folks, just in case you're still keeping yourselves occupied with Star Wars Battlefront, you should know that the people at DICE have issued a brand new patch for the multiplayer shooter, offering a wide variety of fixes, including additional content...
EA unveiled the latest Q3 financial results, which show that physical sales dominated digital sales largely thanks to the release of DICE's mutliplayer shooter Star Wars Battlefront. It appears that EA officially sold (shipped) over 13 million units of the aforementioned Star Wars propelled game franchise...
Well, as we've reported recently, DICE seems to be working on brand new DLC for the multiplayer shooter, Star Wars Battlefront. Yeah, it's new DLC and new expansion packs. Or rather just maps, costumes and weapons. It's stuff, okay? So...
It's just been uncovered that the upcoming DLC for Star Wars Battlefront is going to offer a brand new map set on Tatooine, in addition to, um, more outfits for... Luke and Leia (wow, amazing). The info emerged and was translated from a video made by EA Brasil (now removed from YT)...
Another wasted opportunity in Star Wars Battlefront - the Speeder Bike chases. In just 45 seconds of the following gameplay footage you can see how fucked up and generally boring this aspect of the game is. Personally, I love the part when I get glued onto a tree... generally my favorite bit. Have a peek:
I've been waiting for a while to tell you this. While we've been writing our Disappointments of 2015 (which will go up next week), I finally singled out the biggest disappointment for me personally. Here's a snip: Star Wars: Battlefront is not courage...

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