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Well, you may or may not have already heard that EA is planning to release a sequel to Star Wars: Battlefront, with EA CFO Blake Jorgensen saying: "The beauty of the Star Wars franchise is it's almost unlimited in what you can do with it," he added...
There was something totally satisfying about this particular death, where I get killed by the average asshole Stormtrooper from like a mile away (shot in the back), but at least I managed to throw an Ion Grenade in the right direction (at 0:55), so then when I respawned I got two fucking kills and a lot of points. So, fuck you, Stormtrooper asshole-douche-fucks! Don't forget to check out our review of SWB. 
Took me a while, but I'm finally ready to share my thoughts on DICE's little Star Wars game. Here's a snip: Now, the diametrically opposite stance would be the old: “fuck you, this is Star Wars, and I want a heck of a lot more than that...
The Force seems to be strong with UK games lately. The latest weekly sales chart in the region shows people snapping up Star Wars: Battlefront more than any other title currently available. It was also noted that this was the biggest ever launch for a Star Wars game in the United Kingdom...
Well, as we've seen today, Star Wars: Battlefront is doing great on sales charts. Recently, according to DICE's multipalyer shooter has the biggest player base on the PlayStation 4. In the past 24 hours, here's how many people are playing Star Wars: Battlefront, as divided according to platform: PlayStation 4 - 183,329 players on PSN Xbox One - 104,993 players on Xbox Live Windows PC - 48,292 players
Truly electrifying.  AT COMIC: Star Wars Battlefront: Romance Charged 
Just killed Luke Skywalker and I become Han Solo. How weird is that?
Star Wars Battlefront is out today, which naturally makes as good of a time as any to detail the Season Pass and get more buyers.  The Season Pass ($50) includes four expansion packs that will contain the following: 20 new items 4 new Heroes and Villains 16 new maps 4...
Even though Star Wars Battlefront only just launched today and reviews are slowly rolling in, EA already has plans for future Battlefront games as well as other Star Wars-based games. "It's a big effort for us, and I don't think there's a human being in the world who hasn't heard of the Star Wars movie coming...
Yes, yes, yes, yes, back to Black Ops 3, yes, yes. But just one tincy dogflight first, just one:
An EA representative and a few Reddit mods are in hot, hot water as they are under fire for some pretty heavy accusations. This particular EA rep asked moderators of the Star Wars Battlefront subreddit to  remove all negative posts regarding the game in exchange for early access to the close alpha, tickets to the Star Wars festival, and other bribes...
EA has released a new live action commercial for Star Wars Battlefront, which shows some gameplay at the end, but it's the live action part that is puzzling. It taps into Obi-Wan's death scene in A New Hope, but I'm not sure that's what most people aspire to. VIDEO: 1579627.mp4 Star Wars Battlefront releases on November 17, 2015 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.
Most of what we've seen of Star Wars Battlefront has been regarding the original trilogy, but EA and DICE have worked in recreating a battle post the George Lucas trilogies. The Battle of Jakku is a pivotal fight between the New Republic and remaining Imperial Forces as the Republic ferrets out the former Empire in the Jakku deserts...
Good luck not buying Star Wars Battlefront after watching this damn thing: VIDEO: 1575709.mp4 That was awesome. Star Wars Battlefront is scheduled to arrive to stores on November 17, 2015 for Xbox One, Windows PC and PlayStation 4.  Fuck. How the hell does one resisit this shit?
A lot of people have complained that in the recent Star Wars Battlefront beta, the Walker Assault mode was way too hard if you played as a member of the Rebel Alliance. According to a tweet from Star Wars Battlefront Community Manager Matthew Everett...

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