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EA announced today that they will yes indeed hold a beta for Star Wars Battlefront for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. They're calling it a "technical test", and the test will feature the Walker Assault on Hoth mission, the same mission they had available at E3 and San Diego Comic Con...
EA and DICE have recently revealed the 'Squadron Mode' for their upcoming multiplayer-oriented shooter, Star Wars Battlefront. Today they've unveiled more info about and about another mode, called 'Supremacy'. “When you spawn into Supremacy, you don’t have to move far to see a lot of friends – and enemies...
Yep, after yesterday's teaser, we are now given the full trailer for the Star Wars Battlefront Squadron mode, which clearly involves a lot of dog-fights and, most important of all, the freakin' Millennium Falcon. Check it out: VIDEO: 1549585...
EA and DICE release this all-too-brief teaser for Star Wars Batllefront Fighter Squardon: VIDEO: 1549089.mp4 I'm assuming we'll know more as soon as Gamescom starts.
It appears that EA and DICE are struggling to take down a whole bunch of videos that were leaked online, showing off the alpha build of their shooter Star Wars Battlefront. Files from the alpha have been spotted and shared across several torrent sites and there are videos of the game still popping up...
Oh the pressure is definitely on publishers right now. After the disastrous PC launch of Batman: Arkham Knight and the problems with Assassin's Creed Unity, many publishers are hesitant to stick to release dates. EA has officially joined this trend, which every publisher, quite frankly, should do...
After what seems like a blood eternity, we get a chance to try out Star Wars Battlefront. So, this is it: the Empire vs. the Rebellion - the proper clash of blasters, walkers, X-Wings, TIE Fighters and yes even lightsabers. Let's peek into the world of Star Wars Battlefront (man...
Following the splendid-looking Battle on Hoth, EA and DICE send along yet more gameplay footage from the upcoming multiplayer shooter, Star Wars Battelfront. This time we take a glimpse at Co-Op Survival Mode on Tatooine: VIDEO: 1534189.mp4
Must admit, I had my doubts about this game, knowing EA and it's nasty, nasty, evil shadiness and business-like tendencies and weird-ass business decisions. And for that matter I still don't trust 'em. However, from the gameplay footage you're about to see, I think it's safe to say that Star Wars fans will finally get a proper shooter...
With the E3 2015 looming ahead, we eagerly await gameplay footage for a variety of titles, not the least of which is DICE's upcoming shooter Star Wars Battlefront. The latest issue of OPM, has DICE's GM Patrick Bach talking a bit about the project and the attitude of the team: "We build our own games, we build something that breathes 'DICE'...
Okay, I've already head a lot of people being quite skeptical about DICE's upcoming action game, Star Wars Battlefront. The reason for that is that we still haven't seen any proper gameplay footage at all, and we weren't exactly given any assurances in terms of what kind of content to expect...
We're about 2 hours ahead of the official Star Wars Battlefront presentation at the Star Wars Celebration in California, but a bunch of information has already been leaked to ABC News. According to their info, the multiplayer battles will feature "up to 40 players portraying Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire forces...
Well since the embargoes are all breaking, why not check out these fantastic screenshots from Star Wars Battlefront? If you need to wipe up the drool off of your keyboard, we completely understand.
Need some more Star Wars media today? Here's a lovely, lovely Star Wars Battlefront trailer that EA presented at the Star Wars Celebration today. For the first time, we can see some actual gameplay from the game. I have never wanted to play a multiplayer-only game so badly before. VIDEO: 1513185.mp4
In case you weren't aware (meaning you are nowhere near social media today), this weekend is the big Star Wars celebration in California. Expect much hype, announcements, trailers, you name it. A certain trailer for an upcoming Star Wars movie has put Vader in an epileptic seizure of happiness...
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