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Deus Ex: Human Divided was announced by Eidos Montreal and Square Enix and I consider it to be the biggest, most interesting piece of gaming news in months. Yes I do. Today I found out some good news for PC gamers too. The game, which will continue the story some years after Deus Ex: Human Revolution...
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Malware fiends have stepped up their game. They have created full-fledged product pages of already-existing Steam games to trick users into clicking and downloading their heinous software. The developers behind real-game Octopus City Blues discovered that their game product page was copied and included a 7-level demo of the game...
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So, this is a bit unexpected. Instead of posting the usual list of top-sellers on Valve's Steam, it's time to unveil the top 100 best-selling games in Steam history. What follows is the first 20 on that huge list, with names shown, as well as total sales to-date...
Vostok Games confirmed that their free-to-play MMOFPS is now on offer over at Steam. The word is rather simple: "Survarium is an MMOFPS game set in the near future. The events of the game unfold after a massive ecological catastrophe on Earth...
Okay, here's a game that interests me. The developer, Acid Nerve, have released a nice little Evolution Trailer for their unique, cool-looking indie game Titan Souls. Yep, as you can hopefully tell, the sexy pixelized bundle of gaming delight is all about boss fights and only boss fights...
Well, the list of best-selling games on Steam is very much how I expected. One thing that's a bit surprising is Pillars of Eternity being in 3rd spot, and I really thought it would be like the top seller because people have been talking about that game so much even before it hit the market...
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Steam has teamed up with Sega for a 5-day sale (yet they're calling it a Weekend Sale) that will run today through Monday for Sega's library within Steam. This includes all of their sports games, Valkyria Chronicles, Alien: Isolation, that other Aliens game we don't like to talk about...
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Boy, Valve is sure in the spotlight these days. Now that the company has announced Source 2, they're upcoming tool for developing video games, they have specified how it's still going to bring in cash to its creators - i.e. Valve. Valve's Erik Johnson said that Source 2 games must be available though Steam, and involves a 30% commission on all sales for Valve...
Oh boy, Grand Theft Auto has reemerged as best-seller on nearly all fronts. Check out the latest list of top-selling titles on Valve's Steam: Grand Theft Auto V Dying Light H1Z1 Stranded Deep Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Homeworld Remastered Collection Dying Light Ultimate Edition Grim Fandango Remastered Ryse: Son of Rome DayZ Huh, DayZ has fallen tremendously. It used to be on the very top.
The folks at Double Fine Productions were kind enough to send me a copy Grim Fandango Remastered. They seemed pretty keen about sending it too. I must admit, as a fan of the weird-ass and delightfully morbid P&C classic, I cannot wait to take a step back into the game. It almost feels like traveling back through time and stepping into the golden age of those wacky LucasArts adventures. I'll come back with a review of the PC version for you guys. Stay put. In the meantime, tittage.
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And in a not so surprising turn of events, Grand Theft Auto V returns as the top seller on Steam, outselling the Early Access game, H1Z1, which was sales champion last week. Check it out: Grand Theft Auto V H1Z1 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Grey Goo Resident Evil HD Stranded Deep Dying Light Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth DayZ Insurgency
Filed under: H1Z1, STEAM, GAME SALES
Filed under: STEAM, GAME SALES
And here's what PC gamers were snapping up during the Steam Holiday Sale: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Arma III Divinity: Original Sin Wolfenstein: The New Order Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Wasteland 2 This War of Mine DayZ Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Don't Starve Megapack Wow, the chart differs little from the usual Steam sales chart...
Filed under: STEAM, GAME SALES
Filed under: STEAM, GAME SALES
Forgot to post this last night. Here's the latest wave of tasty PC games on sale via Steam. That's yesterday's bunch, but the sale price is still on, with more discounts on the way later today: BioShock Infinite - 75% off Goat Simulator - 50% off Garry's...
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