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Spider-Man won't be in the Avengers 2. Although I really can't see where he'd fit among a group of heroes that work so well together. Well, actually they all despise each other and that's why the whole thing works in the movie - The Avengers, I mean...
Spidey zips his way through NYC. He has a few new tricks up his, err, tight outfit. Here's a snip: The Amazing Spider-Man game takes place sometime after the movie (the one that's currently in theaters). Oscorp executive and nano-technology specialist Alistair Smythe conducts an experiment in an attempt to make a cross-species based on Dr...
The Amazing Spider-Man just launched in the US (and is about to launch in Europe on Jun 29). Check out the trailer below: VIDEO: 512147.mp4 I still prefer this and this.
Stan Lee is full of vitality it seems. He can climb buildings too. Check out his nice little cameo in The Amazing Spider-Man: VIDEO: 509853.mp4
New Spidey trailer is in: King of seems like they've shown every action scene from the movie. Trailers have become too revealing... seriously.
Check out the 'Web Rush' system in the new Spidey game: VIDEO: ASMwebrush.flv The Amazing Spider man it being developed by Beenox and is scheduled to arrive for all major gaming platforms next month.
Time for some dubstep. Not Spider-Man. Spider-Man is not the point of this trailer. Dubstep is the point. VIDEO: ASM_Playgroundtrf.flv The dubstep theme in the initial 'Syndicate' trailer seemed kind of cool. However, now that they decided to 'dubstep' the hell out of everything, it just looks... I dunno too much. Also, I'm happy to see that so many people are becoming fed up of fucking dubstep!
Posted this one last night. It's the latest trailer for , introducing the 'Rhino' apparently: VIDEO: Amazing_SpiderManTR.flv Hm, I guess having dubstep is a must in trailers lately. The Amazing Spider-Man is scheduled to hit PC, DS, PSP, Xbox360, Playstation 3, Wii, 3DS and Wii U this summer (on June 3, to be exact).
Nice, I like this one. Oh shut up! It's gonna be fun.
Publisher Activision and development studio Beenox are giong to collaborate to bring yet another Marvel game to gaming platforms. This time it's The Amazing Spider-Man. Here's the word: An all-new Spider-Man is poised to bring the action back to New York City as Activision Publishing, Inc...
I'm stunned. I just found this trailer on YouTube. It's for the original Spider-Man movie. Looking back on those wonderful days of my childhood, I read quite a lot of Spidey comics and when I finally saw this movie, I was fucking insane about it...
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