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THQ has filed suit against both EA and Zuffa over the UFC game license. THQ claims that EA used information obtained when the company was discussing sale of THQ in order to undermine THQ's position with Zuffa. When EA bought the rights to the UFC game license, Zuffa then paid THQ $10 million to cut its contract with the publisher early...
Gearbox announced yesterday that they were the THQ auction winners for the Homeworld IP, and in the evening, Nordic Games announced that they cleaned up the rest of THQ's house. Specifically, Nordic Games, who has published Painkiller HD and Singstar, was the winning bidder for Darksiders, Red Faction, MX vs...
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The bankruptcy auction for THQ has come to an end, and its long list of properties have been sold off marking the official—and tragic—end to THQ's lengthy history in the video games and toy markets.  The grand total is estimated to be between $6 million to $7 million divided between six sections of products...
THQ's misrable history of debt and subsequential bankruptcy, has lead to various IPs being sold to other publishers. All except a few that were left to swing in the wind (some pretty good IPs are in there too): Darksiders Red Faction Homeworld MX Other Owned Software...
​The latest business surrounding THQ's bankruptcy has triggered the purchase of several video game franchises and development studios. According to a letter sent by THQ to Kotaku, here's what happened: Yesterday morning, we received a competing bid for the operating business, along with Clearlake's offer, and numerous offers for separate assets...
​The headline you've just read, sadly, isn't a new title for the next Darksiders game. As most of you probably know, ActionTrip is partial to Vigil Games' action adventure series, Darksiders, and we've given an overall positive salute to both the original and the sequel...
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Publisher THQ today has officially filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, entering an Asset Purchase Agreement with affiliates of Clearlake Capital Group to purchase practically all THQ assets. That includes 4 studios that are working under THQ's brand on various games, which are currently in development...
Not too long ago, THQ refused to bring Metro: Last Light to Nintendo's recently launched Wii U console, even though they showcased a demo for the FPS on the platform. Meanwhile, Ukraine-based developer 4A Games, creators of Metro: 2033 and Last Light, uncovered that the project was dropped due to the limitations of Nintendo's hardware...
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According to Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot, the powerful publisher is showing interest in assets of another video game publisher - THQ (a company that's fallen on hard times, to say the least). Guillemot specified that the US company they are "always interested in good brands...
THQ financial troubles continue, as the company seems to be running out of money, as noted in THQ's fiscal 2013 Q2 results. "Clearly, THQ faces a number of opportunities and challenges," THQ's Brian Farrell said in a recent financial report...
Death believes his brother was framed and he rides on a quest to seek War's absolution. Yes, Vigil Games presents the next chapter in the Darksiders action adventure series, so its time to cast our verdict. Events unfold during the 100-year imprisonment of War, which was followed by the premature End War...
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Well-known video game developer and publisher PopCap Games laid off 50 people over at its Seattle studio. Further strategies are being discussed regarding their Ireland studio, which could possibly close altogether. Apparently, the company's goal is to maintain profit and is now focusing on fast-paced changes in the mobile games market, explained PopCap co-founder, John Vechey...
This is a game we have high hopes for. It has lots of talent behind it and it's release is less than a month away. We talk briefly with the folks at Vigil to discover more about the project. Here's a snip: AT: In terms of gameplay, what do you feel are the best elements...
THQ's turbulent history had many people worried. The company has been around for quite a while and has a substantial workforce behind it. With talk of financial loss, layoffs and a Nasdaq delisting notice, things weren't looking too good...
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Publisher THQ announced that the company is currently going through "major leadership restructuring." Also, EVP of Core Games Danny Bilson and SVP Core Studios Dave Davis both left their possessions, as Naughty Dog cofounder Jason Ruben takes the role of president at THQ...

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