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For this weekend, Torchlight 2 is free-to-play on Steam starting today and ending on Sunday at 1 p.m. PST. If you like what see, you can purchase the action-RPG for only $4.99, which is 75% off its regular price. A four-pack of the game to share with friends is also 75% off for $14.99, and the original Torchlight game is available for only $3.74.
Looks like the action RPG, Torchlight 2, has sold over one million copies, the folks from development studio Runic Games tweeted recently: We had an amazing 2012, and proud to say that #Torchlight2 has sold over 1 million units! Thank you! Happy New Year's Eve everyone :) If you'll recall Torchlight 2 received an Editor's Choice from AT and an overall score of 9.0/10, in addition to grabbing the honor of Best RPG in 2012.
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Apart from the recently released patch for the action RPG Torchlight 2, Runic confirmed that there's another update on the way. "LARGE performance optimization to buff/debuff bar displays when there are a large number of overlapping, nonexclusive effects (damage over time, and duration based effects or knockback )." For more info and our opinion on Torchlight 2, head over here. Thanks, BluesNews.
Thanks to the efforts of the good people at Runic Games, Diablo 3 may have finally met its match. Here's a tidbit: So, apart from your default class-based skills, you also get a chance to use a range of useful spells that can help you heal or improve your character's abilities like movement, marksmanship etc...
Good Monday, people. And there's absolutely nothing good about it, is there. I'm sick. Got one of those annoying, low fever's that are just constant. Feel weak. Barely made it to the office. Anyway, that's enough whining for one morning. I'm sure most of you noticed that a new voting poll is up (check out the results of our previous voting poll here)...
By many standards it's morning. By some standards it's Saturday. By some standards it's the beginning of another peaceful weekend, meant to be spent with family, friends and lovers (preferably gay midget ones). First off, let me apologize for not posting the Torchlight 2 review as promised...
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Sorry for the late update today, folks, but I've been sinking my teeth into Torchlight 2, big time. Want to provide you guys with a review on this as soon as humanly possible. And that means playing the game until I'm blue in the face. Okay, what it really means is that you'll have the review by Tuesday at the latest.
The comparison is unavoidable. AT COMIC: Almost The Same... Almost
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The action RPG, Torchlight 2, arrives in 16 days, as Runic revealed last week. Check out the launch trailer: VIDEO: 547039.mp4
As revealed on the official Runic Games Fourms the highly anticipated action RPG Torchlight II (regarded by many as the potential "Diablo 3 killer") is gonna be ready for launch on September 20. The news was brought moderator Travis Baldree. It will be interesting to see how D3 is gonna do with some serious competition. Thanks Blue for the heads-up.
Tweeted about this late last night, so here's your chance to check it out if you're not following us on Twitter. This is definitely a proper slice of gaming for those of you who prefer the traditional hack'n'slash RPG. The latest cinematic for Torchlight 2 is very cool indeed...
Runic Games has announced its hack'n'slash RPG Torchlight II a while back and they were originally planning to launch the game during Spring 2011, until it was pushed back to "sometime in 2011." Travis Baldree confirms via the Torchlight II website that the game has officially been delayed once more, albeit no specific time frame was given...
US-based development studio Runic Games announced that their dungeon crawler Torchlight has officially sold over one million units across all platforms (PC, Mac, and Xbox). "We're very excited to share Torchlight's success with our fans and supporters...
For this Gamescom 2010 media update, we kick things off with a dandy little trailer for the multiplayer portion of Sony's PS3-only shooter, Killzone 3. Looks sweet (there's a mech unit in this one, apparently... Oh yeah, gimme some of that!): VIDEO: Killz3MP1080p...
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