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On November 1st, Steam reached a new milestone of nearly 13.5 million users worldwide using the service at once. This number, 13,480,916, broke their previously set record of 10 million users concurrently on the service, which happened in June of this year...
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Every now and again somebody utters the words 'Half-life 3' in the hope of rekindling certain passions for millions upon millions of gamers, but to no avail, because it's all mainly bullshit. The latest, rather flimsy scoop surrounding Valve's next potential Half-life game comes from EGX, the ongoing gaming show in the UK...
According to a Valve engineer the suspend/resume, originally planned for Steam Machines, won't be included in the final product. The problem of reliability was mentioned: "Given the state of hardware and software support throughout the graphics stack on Linux we didn't think we could make this reliable...
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Valve already has a viable anti-cheat solution in place, but they want to help developers catch everyone who is generally being a dick on the interwebs. As such, they've given the powers of the banhammer to developers, to allow them to implement their own cheat-detectors and detectors for general ass-hats...
Bethesda published a blog post yesterday explaining their decision to allow for paid Skyrim mods, and then this morning, they updated the post to say that they are pulling the mods. In their original post, Bethesda explained: In our early discussions regarding Workshop with Valve...
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Malware fiends have stepped up their game. They have created full-fledged product pages of already-existing Steam games to trick users into clicking and downloading their heinous software. The developers behind real-game Octopus City Blues discovered that their game product page was copied and included a 7-level demo of the game...
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In an interview with Kotaku,Valve talked about their own plans for VR (called Vive) at GDC, and they admitted they had played around with Half-Life assets in the VR tech. But does that mean Half-Life will be remastered for VR? "We're not saying, 'no,'" Valve programmer Jeep Barnett said...
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Gamers will never be completely happy or satisfied, no matter what Valve says.  AT COMIC: Gamers Have Their VR
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Boy, Valve is sure in the spotlight these days. Now that the company has announced Source 2, they're upcoming tool for developing video games, they have specified how it's still going to bring in cash to its creators - i.e. Valve. Valve's Erik Johnson said that Source 2 games must be available though Steam, and involves a 30% commission on all sales for Valve...
In light of Valve's GDC announcements -- Steam VR, Steam Link and Source 2 -- let's not forget that Gaben and his team of little wizards are also working on Steam Machine. Today, the company revealed the pricing as well as the variety of Steam Machines that are going to be available on the market...
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Before you kick yourself in the balls, let me remind you that Valve denied the company ever having plans to hold a press conference on March 3 at the ongoing GDC. However, that doesn't mean they can't make any announcements at the same bloody event...
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Rumors have been going insane for the last few days as it was "announced" that Valve would be holding a press conference on March 3rd at 3 p.m. at GDC. This lead to the Internet exploding over the fact Valve was hosting something at 3/3 at 3 p...
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Game Developers Conference (GDC) hasn't officially gotten underway yet, but announcements are already pouring out to start the GDC hype. This morning, HTC announced that they are also getting into the virtual reality game by unveiling their new VR headset at a press conference in Spain...
Someone clearly thinks this is still happening. Now either Gabe has gone completely mad after the whole world still dishing out lame Half-Life 3 jokes or it could be that Valve is finally making the decision to unwrap the thick curtain that's been around for one of of the most anticipated games of all time...
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Steve Jaros, once the creative director at Volition, has now confirmed that he's leaving the Saints Row developer after working ten years for the studio. Volition is also responsible for games like the Red Faction series and oldies like Descent: FreeSpace - The Great War...

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