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Publisher and developer Crytek has just revealed they have opened a brand new studio in Austin, Texas. At the helm is David Adams, as well as 35 former members of the dev. studio Vigil Games, the creators of the Darksiders franchise. If you can recall, Vigil and Darksiders were among the rare brands that weren't picked up after THQ went tits up...
​The headline you've just read, sadly, isn't a new title for the next Darksiders game. As most of you probably know, ActionTrip is partial to Vigil Games' action adventure series, Darksiders, and we've given an overall positive salute to both the original and the sequel...
Death believes his brother was framed and he rides on a quest to seek War's absolution. Yes, Vigil Games presents the next chapter in the Darksiders action adventure series, so its time to cast our verdict. Events unfold during the 100-year imprisonment of War, which was followed by the premature End War...
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According to a job listing on the official Vigil Games web site, the developer is currently looking for more people to help them with their latest unannounced project - hopefully, people with experience in creating FPS games. Here's what the site says: Skills...
This is a game we have high hopes for. It has lots of talent behind it and it's release is less than a month away. We talk briefly with the folks at Vigil to discover more about the project. Here's a snip: AT: In terms of gameplay, what do you feel are the best elements...
Darksiders 2 director Marvin Donald claims that the development studio currently involved with the creation of the action adventure sequel has some difficulties specifically with the PS3 platform. "It's a pain in the ass to work on," says Donald...
PC gamers now have a chance to experience Vigil Games action adventure, Darksiders: Wrath of War (which we have reviewed back in January 2010 for the Xbox 360). The PC version of the game has now shipped to stores, with Vigil Games claiming they have re-engineered the game from...
The official web site for Darskiders: Wrath of War has word of a PC version of the action adventure from Vigil Games. Here's the story: "There are some of you who have been holding out on Darksiders because you want it on PC. Well, it's official...
More news from THQ. The publisher promised to "fully unveil" the new Warhammer 40K MMOG at the E3 2010. Boss Brian Farrell told investors this IP could run for several years and that it represents the "highest ranking revenue opportunity" the publisher has (provided people stop playing World of Warcraft and switch to Warhammer 40k)...
Life is full of choices. One of the most obvious choices you need to make when it comes to gaming, is whether you prefer experiencing something safe and familiar or if you like delving into a game that's big on innovation. Still, when was the last time you've actually experienced a game that radically pushed things forward in terms of gameplay? Hm, I thought so...
The fact that you play the role of WAR (the first of the Four Horsemen) is cool enough. The idea of going on a quest of vengeance against the forces that betrayed WAR is even cooler. To top if off, you get to ride the mighty steed, RUIN, and then things become intense...
Vigil Games' Darksiders: Wrath of War is all about death and destruction. The game's story was penned by comic book artist Joe Madureira (known for X-Men, Battle Chasers, The Ultimates). It is set in a post-apocalyptic demon-ravaged world. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse were sent to oversee the destruction of Earth...
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