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Engage in epic, close quarters combat, fending off armies of foes in Viking: Battle for Asgard, which is already available for PC (as we've reported last week). "Working with the team at CA was an exciting opportunity for Hardlight. A high quality benchmark had already...
Creative Assembly, best known for its Total War RTS series, also developed a 3rd-person action game for consoles back in 2008, called Viking: Battle for Asgard - check out our review. It seems that Sega's Hardlight Studio will be porting the game, and they confirmed it via Twitter...
Out of all the games in my collection, I went back to Viking: Battle for Asgard last night. Thing is, I played it for several hours and I started to enjoy myself, regardless of the generally repetitive gameplay. Now, as you may already know, 2lions reviewed that one and he wasn't exactly what you'd call thrilled...
Creative Assembly offer their own take on some of the characters and legends from Norse mythology. The mighty blonde-haired hero Skarin ventures from island to island, liberating his fellow Viking warriors and literally slicing through hordes of evil minions...
Soon, people. Soon. Viking: Battle for Asgard is only one week away from release. Check out the launch trailer: VIDEO: Viking_BfA_Launch_Trailer.flv
This game is getting gorier by the minute. Sega and Creative Assembly send over a round of new screenshots from Viking: Battle for Asgard, giving us another peek at a bunch of bloody combat scenes that take place during the game. Viking: Battle for Asgard goes a beyond the standard hack'n'slash action seen in most action games today...
Aye, the smell of battle is in the air... The latest trailer for the soon-to-be-released PS3/X360 game Viking: Battle for Asgard, shows a new cinematic, as well as more gory in-game action . Looks sweet: VIDEO: M1454_SEGA_Viking_Glory_of_War_English_WM.flv Grab the HD version here. Really cool atmosphere. The game is scheduled to arrive on March 25... so that's just 11 days away. Patience.
Sega and Creative Assembly just released the intro cinematic from their upcoming action game, Viking: Battle for Asgard. The movie shows a 300-ish animated sequence, introducing us to the game's setting. You'll find the HD version here, or you may check it out via AT Video below: VIDEO: Viking_Animated_Intro.flv You can read more about the game in our Viking: Battle for Asgard First Look.
Sega's Viking: Battle for Asgard is coming along nicely and will hopefully be out by March 28 this year for the PS3 and X360. In the meantime, Sega and the cats at Creative Assembly treat us to a cool new trailer, showing off the main character and his army storming the walls of a mighty fortress. Check it out: VIDEO: Viking_BfA_Siege_of_Caldburg_Trailer.flv The full HD version's right here.
More media from Sega, this time showing a few cool-looking scenes from the upcoming title Viking: Battle for Asgard, in development at Creative Assembly. Check it out: click to view full gallery Vikings are awesome for beer commercials.
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