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I think it's really time for a new voting poll. So instead of babbling on about industry trends and random triple-A games, I thought it's about time to ask a rather simple, though rather important question: who the fuck still uses video game cheats? Seriously...
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Having noticed that many reviewers are ignoring the fuck out the Xbox 360 and PS3, I thought you guys would like to express your opinion on the matter. Many gaming web sites are not posting reviews of PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of certain titles. Does this bother you at all? Which would you prefer right now (PC reviews go without saying): Xbox One & PS4 reviews. Xbox 360 & PS3 reviews. Vote away.
Here's your chance to vote for what you thought was the best release in 2013. Take your time and think about your decisions. There are some fine games up there. Oh and if you manage to stumble upon a game we've missed, please feel free to mention it in the comments section and explain why it is good and why we are unbelievable cockfags for missing out on it...
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Hey folks. Hope you're having a very nice morning, working in your favorite office, drinking your favorite exotic coffee brand, doing your favorite job, looking at your favorite boss. Anyway, just wanted to direct your attention to our latest voting poll, which went up a few days ago...
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First of all, none of these games have been officially announced yet. Some of them are probably in the concept stage and we did have a few reports indicating that one or two of these titles might actually be underway. We can't say we've heard anything about a new Deus Ex game...
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We're always eager to see what you guys like to play these days. In the past few years, action games have dominated the market, but a lot of people still seem to cling to genres such as strategy or RPG, which is fine, of course. At any rate...
ActionTrip's Game of the Year 2012 Voting Poll is going to be up during the entire weekend and will be taken down on Monday, so make sure you cast your votes if you haven't. For the time being, Far Cry 3 is way in the lead, with Assassin's Creed 3 and Mass Effect 3 still clinging to second and third spots on the poll...
The Gods of the Internet were not particularly kind to us today and have failed to bless us with mighty bandwidthage. This is the main reason why we're late with our usual updates. Anyhow, we're continuing work on our Game of the Year feature and I encourage you guys to vote for what you consider to be the best release in 2012...
Okay, folks, starting to compile the top candidates for our Game of the Year feature. As you may have noticed that we have posted our Game of the Year - People's Choice voting poll yesterday, so please vote for what you think was the best game in 2012...
Think carefully before casting your votes, folks. Yes, it's time to pick the best title of the year 2012. There are 40 games up there and I'm sure you've had a chance to try most of them. Naturally, there are a lot of titles that didn't make it into the poll, for several reasons...
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This is something I'd like everyone to answer honestly, if possible. Check out AT's new voting poll: What would you buy right now? A new iPad A new PC A new Xbox 360 A new PS3 A new Nintendo 3DS A new Wii U A new PS Vita Vote away.
Good Monday, people. And there's absolutely nothing good about it, is there. I'm sick. Got one of those annoying, low fever's that are just constant. Feel weak. Barely made it to the office. Anyway, that's enough whining for one morning. I'm sure most of you noticed that a new voting poll is up (check out the results of our previous voting poll here)...
New AT voting poll is up (on the right side, below our Top Videos). This is just so I get a better idea if you guys are happy with Christopher Nolan's latest work and whether or not you feel it's a fitting conclusion to what I personally consider to be a one of the best movie trilogies in recent times (or indeed of any time)...
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Check out our new voting poll, folks. Yes, that's right, we're still very much in RPG territory. That's mostly because everyone's still marching through monster-infested areas of Diablo 3 or they've started Dragon's Dogma (like me). Game of Thrones is also upon us (we've been playing the PC version, so we'll get back to you soon on that)...
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