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Think carefully before casting your votes, folks. Yes, it's time to pick the best title of the year 2012. There are 40 games up there and I'm sure you've had a chance to try most of them. Naturally, there are a lot of titles that didn't make it into the poll, for several reasons...
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This is something I'd like everyone to answer honestly, if possible. Check out AT's new voting poll: What would you buy right now? A new iPad A new PC A new Xbox 360 A new PS3 A new Nintendo 3DS A new Wii U A new PS Vita Vote away.
Good Monday, people. And there's absolutely nothing good about it, is there. I'm sick. Got one of those annoying, low fever's that are just constant. Feel weak. Barely made it to the office. Anyway, that's enough whining for one morning. I'm sure most of you noticed that a new voting poll is up (check out the results of our previous voting poll here)...
New AT voting poll is up (on the right side, below our Top Videos). This is just so I get a better idea if you guys are happy with Christopher Nolan's latest work and whether or not you feel it's a fitting conclusion to what I personally consider to be a one of the best movie trilogies in recent times (or indeed of any time)...
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Check out our new voting poll, folks. Yes, that's right, we're still very much in RPG territory. That's mostly because everyone's still marching through monster-infested areas of Diablo 3 or they've started Dragon's Dogma (like me). Game of Thrones is also upon us (we've been playing the PC version, so we'll get back to you soon on that)...
Good morning, my fine people. Today I feel the need to further explain AT's latest voting poll. While I really have nothing against MMORPGs, many of you know that I do, in fact, favor single-player RPGs over the MMOG experience. The news about The Elder Scrolls Online MMORPG from Bethesda and ZeniMax kind of gave me the incentive to put up the poll...
Hey, folks. In case you haven't noticed. We have a new voting poll up. So, yeah, it's about whether or not you still prefer single-player RPGs over MMORPGs (and vice versa). Oh and just to let you know, here are the results of the previous voting poll (I think it is...
Decided to put up a new voting poll, and I'm keen to see what you guys will say. It's customary to have these platform-related polls every year, because we'd like to know if you guys prefer a certain platform over others. Oh sure, many of you probably have more than one gaming platform these days, but everyone has a favorite, so...
Dear readers, I'd like to direct your attention to our latest voting poll, which is related to Microsoft's effort to bring to PCs (which they will be doing on February 1). So, if you're interested in this (or if you're not interested), we'd like to know. So... let us know. Will you be buying Kinect for PC? Absolutely. Are you mad? Maybe, I just don't know yet. Only if it makes porn more interesting. Place your votes to the right, as usual.
Yep, we've started early this year. The time has come when we try to gather our thoughts about the year and the game's that have gone by. There are a lot of games on the list, so it's time to cast your votes, people. We feel obligated to stress though, that a lot of games did not make it into the voting poll...
Since I did not include Batman Arkham City in our recent voting poll, I just thought I'd devote this one strictly to the upcoming action adventure. Besides, there will be plenty of opportunity to vote for this one in our GoTY 2011 voting poll, which should be up on the site at the beginning of December. Batman: Arkham City: Can't wait to play it. Not looking forward to it at all. Maybe I'll give it a shot.
Hm, I think I already know what most of you are gonna vote for: Syndicate is now a FPS: That sounds awesome! Damn, double-damn, with an extra pint of 'damn'! To learn more about the new Syndicate game, check out the screenshots, the announcement and our recent reports.
Yes, I know, we forgot Batman: Akrham City, so we apologize to those gamers who are indeed looking forward to that one (we are too). Anyway, the results of our voting poll -- about what you guys want to play the most this Fall -- have shown, what we all really know; that Skyrim quite simply promises to be an erection-provoking delight...
Deus Ex: Human Revolution is already out, as you know. And our voting poll related to the game has ended and here are the results: Deus Ex: Human Revolution - will you buy it? Yes. - 1,049 votes Waiting for the reviews first. - 1014 votes No. 974 - votes Man, this game is getting a lot of tension. Yep, it absolutely deserves it. There you go... on to our next poll.
Our previous voting poll has come to a close, so you might want to have a peek at the results: How often do you play social network games? Never. I hate social network games. - 1089 votes Occasionally, though I prefer traditional offline gaming. - 404 votes From time to time. It's fun and relaxing. - 299 votes All the time and I'm getting pretty good at it. - 255 votes
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