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Wow, out of all the games I've played this year, I sure as hell took my sweet old time with this one. I think the hours invested in this have topped both Divinity: Original Sin and even the gay Watch Dogs. Time spent in a game doesn't necessarily define a decent gaming experience, does it? I wonder if you would feel the same way, especially after you've tried inXile's latest RPG...
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It's noon(ish) on Friday, September 26th, and I'm using the power of random drawing to select two awesome reader-winners! I wanted to pick winners based on funny comments, but dangit, there were too many that made me literally laugh out loud. You guys are a funny bunch...
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Hello happy campers, this is Uros "Soon to Change his Stupid Nickname Vader" Pavlovic. Seriously 'Vader' is now annoying as hell. From now on I'll be experimenting with new nicknames. Anyway, this post is a formal apology. Vince and I won't be posting our review of Wasteland 2 today...
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inXile Entertainment has confirmed that their recently released PC RPG, Wasteland 2, has earned $1.5 million since the game launched on September 19. "We are ecstatic that the style of game we love so much has been embraced so well," reveals inXile founder Brain Fargo...
For a while now, games like Skyrim, CS: Global Offensive and Borderlands were dominating the top-10 chart of best-sellers on Valve's digital delivery service, Steam. The latest chart shows that inXile's recently released RPG is now in the lead...
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As I stroll through the wastelands of Wasteland 2, I begin to see patterns and mechanics that are all too familiar. Yep, the Fallout feel is unmistakable - the original Fallout, of course, not Bethesda's FPS series. Anyway, it's too early to say whether this game lives up to our expectation...
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This is the part you all love. The folks at inXile Entertainment were kind enough to furnish us with an extra code for their role-playing game, Wasteland 2, which has hit the market today (read more about the game). Think of this as a little contest and the rules are the same as ever...
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InXile Entertainment releases their PC-only RPG, Wasteland 2, which, if you can believe it has arrived 25 years after the original game. Check out the launch trailer: VIDEO: 991787.mp4 The game is described as a "sequel to the critically acclaimed smash hit Wasteland and the predecessor to the post-apocalyptic Fallout series...
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With the busy Fall gaming season slowly kicking in there's going to be a lot of stuff to grab so have your wallet properly stacked with greens, because you're gonna need 'em. Mind you, I don't see a lot of single-player RPGs in the line-up...
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The upcoming post-apocalyptic RPG from inXile Entertainment is currenlty in development for PC and by the look of the latest screenshots, the whole thing's coming along nicely: click to view full gallery click to view full gallery No official release date was given for this one at this time.
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We get a chance to see more gameplay footage form the post-apocalyptic role-playing game, Wasteland 2. This time we can have a peek at 20 minutes of gameplay footage, well, actually it's a walkthrough video. showing us the Prison Level in the game...
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Accompanying the Wasteland 2 updated posted this weekend, is the first gameplay trailer from the upcoming RPG (the trailer was taken down for some reason, but it's available on AT now, so check it out, if you've missed it): VIDEO: 664735.mp4
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Back in April 2012, the post-apocalyptic RPG Wasteland 2 garnered a lot of greens via Kickastarter and is one of those games we are really looking forward to. The game is in development over at inXile and we've just received word that they have released the first gameplay footage. UPDATE: Sorry folks, but it appears that the footage was taken down from Vimeo. You can find out more about this delightful RPG over at the Wasteland 2 Kickstarter page or at the game's official web site.
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inExile's upcoming RPG Wasteland 2 got extra financial support thanks to Kickstarter, where over $3 million was gathered for the project. Check out the first screenshot from the game (developer claims it's still work-in-progress). The game is going to arrive in October 2013 for PC. To learn more head over to the official Wasteland 2 web site.
You may have already heard that Double Fine Productions' and Eric Migicovsky over at Allerta, Inc. funded the development of their new adventure game with pre-orders. This particular system of funding a project seems to be catching on...
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