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When a woman says to you 'you're thin' that means you are thin. Later on I found that the same woman was dating some gym-owner and that's when I put two and two together and have come up with something I totally expected. So, in the past month I've directly been told that I'm small, short and thin and that just does wonders to my already vastly jeopardized self-esteem...
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With a appearance of Spring I celebrate the appearance of many scantily clad women (and man if that's your cup of beer). Trouble is, women walking around, slightly revealed their body parts, does all sorts of weird things to my poor unsatisfied pleasure center...
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Awesome sunshine in the mountains. Feeling refreshed already. No women though. Okay, so they're not in the city and they're not up in the mountains. Hm, they must be hiding them somewhere in between. Like, a valley of sexy women... living there, undesturbed. Have to keep searching. If I don't get to touch something soft in the next month I won't be responsible for my actions. 
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If you're a female and you love Star Wars, I'm almost certain you're not single. I don't know why I posted this here, seeing as there's no hope in hell any women will read this... Not in our life time. Or indeed in any life time...
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Did you ever notice how things suddenly disappear and for now reason at all. Just like, that 'poof!' Gone. And you cannot explain it. Like socks. They tend to just vanish.  Anyway, I watched the Escape Plan and I recommend it. Didn't have this much fun in a while. Reminded me of the 80s, in fact. Man, I loved those action flicks. Good times. This one actually has some intelligent moments in it. Also, with Sly and Arnie on board, it can't be dull. 
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Hey guys, sorry for the lack of a Saturday update, but when something miraculous happens, like me actually meeting and kissing a real woman, then I tend to get carried away and confused with everything else I normally do in life. I don't if all of that makes any sense to or not, but still I apologize once again for not including any updates on Saturday. Anyway, happy mondays.
Went to this totally dark and avant-garde photography exhibition last night, the reason being, me not going to any sort of art exhibition of any kind for a long time. The exhibition took place in this shithole of a nightclub called 'Underworld'...
Filed under: FAMILY, WOMEN
2011 has left me confused, bloody disoriented and completely exhausted. 2012 will be the year I recover. Having a kid sucked up all my creative juices. When I was younger, I lived with my mom, grandmother and my sister. So, now, I have a family of my own...
I have a wife, a three-year-old daughter, a mother, a sister (who also has a daughter), a mother-in-law. My dad died a long time ago and I'm a bit short on grand parents. In other words, I'm surrounded by women and that seems to cause severe damage to my central nervous system...
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Is it humanly possible to make women happy? Also, is there a word or sentence you can utter that would make them even mildly content?
Had a pretty tiring Saturday... Lot's of stuff to do and now I'm exhausted. So, there's your babe, here's your moral of the day - never say no to a woman with huge breasts (you'll regret it at some point later). Now, let's see if there are any interesting news to be found.
Filed under: GREECE, SEA, WOMEN
Greeks are indeed a very odd nation. This is the 4th time I've visited Greece and yet I still can't understand their mentality. Proud folk they are and stubborn in many ways. Most of the older ones refuse to speak a damn word of English. All they can mutter in English is: "Senk you...
It's so fucking hot today you can actually see the drops of sweat as they go gently down the scantily clad bodies of attractive young women... ... I was gonna write something important after that bit, but now my mind is filled with images of sweat as it goes gently down the scantily clad bodies of attractive young women...
Okay, a quick word on the E3 madness. It looks like the news about Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 3 showing up was completely bogus, which kind of pisses me off because there was very little at the E3 that caught my interest this year. What's more, the only thing that manages to catch my interest as of late is women, but a lot more than they have in the past few years. Seriously, my hormones are raging like I'm a born-again teenager.
Filed under: WOMEN, VADER, CUTE
Yesterday, a woman said I was cute. And I mean, like, a real woman, not a inflatable, rubber one. Yeah, bitches, I'm cute.

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