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Microsoft recently told Game Informer that they will no longer report sales figures for the Xbox One. The company did not report quarterly sales in their recent report. Instead, they want to focus on engagement data as their personal measuring stick instead of comparing sales data with the PlayStation 4...
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On Christmas Day, both the PSN and Xbox Live were hit with distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks that brought both services down for hours, preventing new owners from doing really anything with their consoles and subjecting customer service representatives to hours of abuse from the most selfish and monstrous parents in the world...
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The PlayStation Network isn't the only console network experiencing difficulties. The Lizard Group isn't satisfied with simply attacking the PSN and SOE services, so now they've set their sights on Xbox Live. Both Xbox 360 and Xbox One users alike are experiencing intermittent connectivity, and Microsoft is aware...
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For Xbox One owners, your reputation on Xbox Live could penalize you if it's less than favorable. This month, those who do not have a "Good Player" rating will receive feedback directly from Xbox. The reputation currently has three categories, Good Player, Needs Work, and Avoid Me...
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UPDATE: Microsoft claims to be fixing this "incorrect pricing error" found in the beta test. “We are aware that select regions experienced some incorrect game title pricing in the Xbox Live beta,” Microsoft spokesperson told GamesBeat...
One thing Microsoft announced at their E3 press conference was that they would be phasing out the use of Microsoft Points (MSP) currency for the Xbox Live Marketplace. This was met with many cheers, and many people, including myself, have assumed that the transition would be a seamless one...
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Xbox Silver members, your time to try out Xbox Gold for free is at hand, starting now through 10 am PST on Monday. During this time, Silver members will have complete Gold account privileges, including playing multiplayer outside of couch co-op, party chat, video Kinect, and the other online-only entertainment apps that are reserved for paying Gold members...
Here's a bit of news that should interest all Xbox 360 users. MS a new Xbox 360 system update today. The update is mandatory apparently and users should get the prompt next time they sign in. Installing the update evidently addresses some issues related to Xbox Music, Xbox Video and SmartGlass...
As promised last week, Activision has released a playable demo for the upcoming action game Transformers: Fall of Cybertron (PC/360/PS3). The demo is also going to be available on PSN starting tomorrow. The demo is currently available for download via Xbox Live and features a mission...
Word is that Xbox Live is currently down (thanks CVG). There's a message on the XBLive saying that "users may experience difficulties signing into Xbox Live from an Xbox console" and "signing into Xbox Live from" "We are aware of the problem and are working to resolve the issue...
MS continually releases Xbox Live apps related to entertainment. This time they've sent the word that Paramount Pictures has a standalone Kinect-friendly app. It works similarly to a variety of other movie-buying apps on the system minus. Of course, you still won't be able to watch movies released by studios other than Paramount...
As promised, BioWare releases a demo for Mass Effect 3 via Xbox Live, giving gamers a chance to try out two singe-player missions. You'll also get early access to the game's multiplayer mode (providing you own an online pass from Battlefield 3)...
There's a playable co-op demo for Syndicate now available for download via Xbox Live. Here's the word: Content: Syndicate Co-op Demo Price: Free Availability: Check availability in your Xbox LIVE region Dash Text: Syndicate is a re-imagination of the classic...
The demo for the soon-to-be-released action adventure, The Darkness 2, can now be snatched via Xbox Live and PSN. The Darkness 2 demo now also available on Steam. Here's the word: "Embrace the Darkness and download the demo now! In this specially-constructed demo...

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